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Field Journaling

169_769243187_3.jpgIn your blog, you can include a list of short journal entries made directly from the field. These entries come from a text message sent with your cell phone, and become part of your blog in a matter of hours.

Why is this useful?
First, your field notes are recorded to a safe place immediately.  There is no risk of loosing your logs before you get back home. They are delivered as soon as you make them.

Second, all you need is your cell phone with texting - no computer, no Internet, and no reams of paper required. Your journals can't be stopped at customs, lost in the mail or lost with your luggage.

Third, journal entries can be made by your entire team. As long as they know the key word or hash code, your team can all contribute to the project journal.

Fourth, the journal entries are nearly in real-time. Within a few hours of posting, anyone following your project can see the progress you reported. Why does real-time matter to anyone? - because it's very exciting for observers and empowering to your supporters. Sometimes in volatile environments, real-time reporting even provides an element of security.

How it works:

1. Twitter
First, each member wishing to make journal entries sets up a free Twitter account (at Twitter.com). This gives you something to text to. Make sure to associate your cell phone with your Twitter account.

2. Blog Post
Next, make a blog post on your site, probably a summary of your project or event. In the blog editor, think of a short key word that identifies your project. It must be something specific like "rot5360wellproject". Make sure everyone journaling knows this word.

3. Text Message
To make a journal entry, just send a tweet (a text message) to the local or closest Twitter number. The message is an update about what's happening in your project. In that message include the keyword with a pound sign in front of it (like #rot5360wellproject). The text message will go to your Twitter account and then be picked up and displayed on your blog page.
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