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RESULTS Canada New Exec Director Chris Dendys4 days ago
Brazilian Job Creation11 days ago
Care Canada Comments on the 2018 Budget16 days ago
Volunteering at the RAGM Booth in Toronto16 days ago
WEV Success Stories18 days ago
Sydney Presidential PeaceBuilding Conference23 days ago
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Eliminating Poverty Through Empowering People
RAGM is a group of Rotarians providing leadership and guidance to other Rotarians in the elimination of poverty through microfinance.
Our Publications
Brazilian Job Creation
590_204776498.jpgCreating jobs and promoting a cleaner environment in Brazil By Susan Doxtator, Regional Grants Officer at Rotary and Bonaventure Fandohan, Rotary's Economic and Community Development Area of Focus Manager Over the past 25 years, the number of workers living in extreme poverty has declined dramatically despite the lasting impact of the 2008 economic crisis and global recession. In developing countries,...11 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Care Canada Comments on the 2018 Budget
588_976871225.jpgA welcome step forward: CARE Canada response to Budget 2018 Feb 27, 2018 The following statement is from CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth The promise: Last year's budget committed no new money to International Assistance. But it did contain a promise: a new policy would outline how Canada would deliver on its commitment to help the world's most vulnerable people. Gender...16 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Volunteering at the RAGM Booth in Toronto
589_231618404.jpgCAN YOU INVEST 2 HOURS TO CHANGE A LIFE? Booth Hosting:The Rotary Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development (RAGM) will be hosting a booth at the Rotary Convention in Toronto. The road to peace is based on the elimination of extreme poverty. As a member of RAGM, you know the stories of how microfinance and community development projects lift beneficiaries out of poverty and give them hope...16 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
WEV Success Stories
587_204233964.jpgStories like the one below are reminders of the great good we do in the world to people we never know. -  Nick Frankle is the President Elect Nominee of RAGM & District Governor (5240). The Spanish Smart Entrepreneurial Training mentioned in the news flash below was funded entirely by a Rotary Foundation Grant as was the initial outreach to the local Hispanic community. Congratulations to the...18 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Global Publications
RESULTS Canada New Exec Director Chris Dendys
591_742875999.jpgChris has more than 20 years experience working in pursuit of social justice and social impact. She has expertise in strategic positioning and advocacy, government relations, developing and advancing smart partnerships, and supporting grassroots movements.  She has served at the executive level within the international...4 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
New Year's Message from Bill Fitzsimmons
576_193478213.jpg January 1st, 2018, marks the half way point in this Rotary year. I write to extend on behalf our entire team of Honduras Economic and Community Development Program volunteers,  a Happy New Year and our congratulations to you for your help in raising $55,000 to our $70,000 USD budget.  I reference...61 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
Short History of a Rotary Microcredit Program
577_921424176.jpgA vision is how this Rotary project started six years ago as most Rotary projects do - with a vision to transform the recipient's lives by freeing them from endless cycles of poverty. But how to make a difference? The difference is made through small affordable business loans which lend a hand up...65 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
Calgary Firm invests in Honduras
567_563690344.JPGLocal (Calgary) Coffee Roastery Phil & Sebastian Purchased its Own Coffee Farm in Honduras More than 4,000 trees are planted there and the coffee beans will be ready for roasting in 2022. Avenue Calgary By Danyael Halprin On their quest to present our city with only the finest...69 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
This Rotarian Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of nor controlled by Rotary International.
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