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Maintaining Microcredit Relevance
437_395084116_3.jpgIt is always encouraging to see subsequent generations carrying on ideas that had merit in their day but needed to have newer ideas to remain relevant. In this case the Calgary Microcredit Conference held over the last five years (and deferred to the Social Enterprise World...14 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Honduras Economic & Community Development (HECD) - OIC, IDH & Maria Elena & Arnoldo Alvarez
433_833899762_3.jpgFor years, Jannalee Anderson has been traveling from Canada to Honduras with a group from her church, bringing medical supplies for the rural doctors and visiting with the Honduran people in the villages. She is a friendly, caring woman with a soft heart and a great deal of compassion for...35 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
The Honduras Economic & Community Development Story - Introducing the Characters
432_270341820_3.jpgIn order to enjoy and appreciate a good story, we identify with the characters and get to know them. Honduras is a character of it's own. A beautifully rugged Central American country. Situated just south of Mexico and Guatemala, it is a stunningly Caribbean, Spanish laced, tropical...37 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
The Mid-Point Report of a Microcredit Project
431_780880557_3.jpgAs the Honduras Economic & Community Development Team (HECD) moves ahead with future planning phases in Honduras, and another wonderful trip through the country, it's important that we continue to stay the course with the existing project, a $135,000 microcredit loan pool and operations...58 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
What are the Expected Project Timelines?
416_249834007_3.jpgIt's not unusual to find that parts of the application process take longer than expected, including the signing of documents and the wiring and transfer of funds. As information is gathered (Community Needs Assessment, financial statements, application details) you may begin to feel...58 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
President's Corner
430_483137501_3.jpgGreetings To All It is hard to believe the 2013-14 year is almost over with the upcoming RI Convention just ahead of us. This year, RAGM has several exciting events happening at the Convention.  The first is our "Microfinance: Interest to Action" breakout session on...64 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Global Brigades Calgary is now in Honduras. May 13, 2014
429_210378169_3.jpgBelievers in Internationalization Head to Central America For many university students, early May marks the end of exams and the beginning of summer work. Not, however, for 19 University of Calgary students who are spending the week in Honduras with Global Brigades. Living...67 days ago by SteveR, Category: Microcredit
Honduras - Microcredit & Water
428_209415170_3.jpgA Thing of Beauty when a Plan comes Together A new banner celebrating a new water project - Bev Chinnery, Duncan Stanners and locally based Arnoldo Alvarez  are shown in front of the Danli IDH branch office. Danli is several hours drive from the nations'...68 days ago by SteveR, Category: Microcredit
Microcredit for Domestic Purposes - High River Alberta
426_645355383_3.jpgHigh River, Alberta Canada - Flood relief through Microcredit Micro finance is normally associated with developing countries and is recognized as the sustainable battle against poverty. A group of innovative Rotarians took this concept to a different plateau when their...69 days ago by SteveR, Category: Microcredit
Welcome Message from Wilf Wilkinson
427_838958899_3.jpgWilf Wilkinson - Treasurer, RAGM During my year as President, I saw where Rotarians in many countries had helped the Villagers, particularly the women of those villages lift themselves out of poverty through the opportunities provided by Microfinance. It had allowed them...72 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Supporting Honduras Community Development
425_814124372_3.jpgTwo sustainable Water Project in Honduras with the potential for 3:1 Canadian Federal Government Match Please see how you can participate in the magic of matching Rotary grants and other donations is making a difference in the rural villages of Honduras. Greater access to...77 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Microcredit - Water Opportunities in Honduras
424_620453039_3.jpgHonduras Water / Microcredit Project What do you say to the Priest of a poor community that has been promised a water distribution system for over 30 years with no apparent movement by the authorities in that direction. Rotary says we can deliver. That's exactly what happened...106 days ago by SteveR, Category: Microcredit
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