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Bonaventure's Sydney PeaceBuilding Conference Report
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 4-Apr-2018 | Viewed 353  Comments 0
Bonaventure Fandohan - Area of Focus Manager for ECD

Economic and Community Development Peace Conference in Sydney

Sydney, Australia,
March, 17th, 2018

This is one of a series of six presidential Conferences Rotary International President-elect Ian Riseley is convening during the 2017- 18 Rotary year.

The goal of the Sydney Conference was to bring together academics, political leaders, businesses, community leaders and peace activists to explore building peace, and discuss how we can work together to prevent and resolve conflict from an international and local perspective.

The Conference focused on economic and community development, as it relates to peace.  The organizers underlined the causes of conflict including poverty, disease, lack of water & food security, and the lack of education. The economic cost of conflict within a country and a community was highlighted. 

The local hosts for this conference were Rotary District 9675 and the Rotary Club of Sydney. 

The Conference highlighted the areas in which Rotary does its most significant work. The agenda and speakers included:


Keynote address: Steve Killelea:

The Economic Value of Peace Institute of Economics and Peace


Professor Muhammad Yunus

, author of A World of Three Zeroes, Nobel Peace Laureate, Founder of the Grameen Bank and Pioneer of Microcredit and Microfinance


Jean Nepomuscane Sibomana (Nepo),

Empowering rural communities for reconciliation and sustainable peace through socio-economic development initiatives in post-genocide Rwanda, The Mustard Seed Institute


Noel Clement,

Social Cohesion Enabling the Participation and Inclusion of Migrants in Australian Communities Australia Red Cross; Director of Migration, Emergencies and Movement Relations


Mahir Momand,

the economic value of refugees, CEO Thrive Refugee Enterprise


Rotoract Presentation:

Peace in RotarAction: Ben MacNevin, Aritra Ray, Eeshwar Rajagopalan, and Rebecca Fry



Together for Humanity: Education for understanding and preventing alienation and extremism, with four speakers including: Rabbi Zalman Kastel - National Director, Together for Humanity Foundation, Kate Xavier - Senior Education Officer, Together for Humanity; Madenia Abdurahman - President, Together for Humanity; Chairperson, Muslim Aid Australia Taha Allam - Facilitator, Together for Humanity

> Rebecca Tolstoy

Path of Hope - Reducing Domestic Violence Path of Hope Foundation


Shane Phillips:

Grass-roots solutions for Redfern and Sydney's Aboriginal communities Tribal Warrior and Clean Slate without Prejudice


Jeremy Blackman:

The Trolling Fields: Online hate and conflict - Causes, effects and what's being done the Allanah and Madeline Foundation


David McCleary

Rotary Action Group Against Slavery Director of the Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery for the Americas and Founder of End Human Trafficking Now
> Stephanie Woollard Peacebuilding through Economic Empowerment and Equality'Seven Women'


Rotary Peace Fellow Tony Stuart

Promoting and Protecting Children's Rights 'UNICEF

> Dr Melissa Curley Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Director, University of Queensland Rotary Peace Centre Panel: Rotary Peace Fellow Students, with four speakers including: Dr Melissa Curley, Shen Huang, Nicholas Drushella and Perla Padilla University of Queensland


Professor Muhammad Yunus

, Nobel Peace Laureate, Founder of the Grameen Bank and Pioneer of Microcredit and Microfinance


Ian Risele:

Rotary International President


Dr Melissa Curley

Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Director, University of Queensland Rotary Peace Centre

The conference started at 9 am and ran till 5:30 pm  with more than 90% of all of the 519 registered participants in attendance. This was a meaningful and interesting conference. My hope is that through this article, RAGM members will be more inclined to attend these conferences as they come up through the Rotary year.

By Bonaventure Fandohan

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