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President Larry's Welcoming Remarks
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 16-Jul-2017 | Viewed 560  Comments 0 | Source Larry Wright

President's Corner

RAGM Directors and Portfolio

As the tasks of the 2017 - 2018 Rotary year

are brought to bear there are seven new RAGM Directors who have been added to the team for greater outreach and facilitation. These include Sam Veerasingham, Albert Kim, Quentin Wodon, Howard Weinstein, Nurul Kabir Candace Bangura & Narayan Murarka. Please see their bios at: http://ragm.org/p/sp9/247/RAGM_Board_of_Directors/

Many thanks are extended to the Directors who are completing their term including Aziz Memon, Paul Beulieu, Keith Axtell, Antonio Lico, Janice Reid, Carlos Yturzaeta and Ulhas Kolhatkar. RAGM in 2017 -  2018 is bigger and better than ever. Your help in arriving at this juncture is appreciated. Thanks for what you do for Rotary.

Looking forward, our RAGM Directors have brought new energy to the job of the Rotary Action Group. For instance, Director of Developed World Microfinance - Marilyn Fitzgerald - recently hosted a panel discussion at the RAGM Annual General Meeting Seminar, in Atlanta. Attendees were told of successes and weaknesses in conducting Microfinance projects in the developed world with examples from Launch Detroit, Launch Raleigh and Launch Atlanta. See the seminar captured on video by Matthew Kane's supporters.  https://www.facebook.com/Rotary7710/videos/1618552741551691/?fref=mentions

See  details on the program Launch My City at: http://launchmycity.org/

Another area of Board development is the appointment of Quentin Wanton as Membership Director. Quentin brings many talents including his interests in economics and membership development. He has for instance, been employed as the Lead Economist at the World Bank. Additionally, he has written an article entitled: Double Your Membership in Six Months; Ten Lessons from a Rotary Club Pilot. http://ragm.org/docs/Double%20Your%20Membership%20in%20Six%20Months;%2010%20Lessons%20from%20a%20Rotary%20Club%20Pilot_294.pdf

We can expect to hear from the other new and returning Directors as they settle into their respective directorships. Howard Weinstein for instance, is the new director of Social Business and he is hard at work drawing together his SB committee members while defining the scope of possible projects. Watch for news from Howard's exciting initiative.

NIck Frankle, Julio Villalta, Marilyn Fitzgerald, Steve Rickard, Jim Louttit
One of our most exciting moments of this past year, was the wonderful exposure RAGM received at our House of Friendship booth, during the recent RI Convention in Atlanta. It was remarkable the amount of interest in Micro-Finance (the generic term for Microcredit, Economic & Community Development) - the interest levels are truly spreading throughout the Rotary world. Micro-Finance is now taking on the power of a 'movement' and is becoming a key direction of The Rotary Foundation and its many economic development projects around the world. 

With everyone's help, RAGM will try to expand our footprint at the Toronto Convention next year <http://www.riconvention.org/en> and help be a guiding resource for Rotarians working to build Economic Development in their communities. This additional power from our RAGM Board will allow us to be an effective tool for many.

RAGM Pres. Larry Wright

can be reached at: lswright1@mac.com
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