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Incoming President's Remarks about Atlanta
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 2-Jun-2017 | Viewed 784  Comments 0 | Source PDG Steve Rickard
Larry Wright - President of RAGM 2017 - 2018

As the incoming President of RAGM . . . 

It is my pleasure to welcome the 2017 -  2018 RAGM Directors especially the six new Directors which were acclaimed to office and will be more fully acknowledged at the RI Convention in Atlanta at the RAGM's Annual General Meeting.  I look forward to working with you all and especially the new Directors: Albert Kim , Howard Weinstein <strolltheworld@gmail.com>, Candace Bangura <emblingc@yahoo.com>, Quentin Wodon <rotarianeconomist@gmail.com>, Narayan Murarka <npmurarka@comcast.net> Sam Veerasingham <samuelv@agreger.com>.

We first talked about

Domestic microcredit (projects started in the developed world) at the 2015 Sao Paulo Convention where we introduced the concept of Microcredit in Detroit, a city in a developed country hurt by economic downturn. 

Description of Session:

Income disparity and poverty are not confined to the developing world.  District 6400 is working to revitalize a city that's recovering from decades of jobs loss and urban decay through micro-lending, mentoring and providing networking opportunities for promising entrepreneurs.  You'll learn concepts of microfinance and economic development, and hear how LaunchDETROIT helps individuals increase their standard of living, create jobs in their communities, and build financial assets.

Then in November 2016

LaunchDetroit was recognized by the United Nations when President John F. Germ said:

"Here is where the UN and Rotary International are working side by side, equipping communities with the tools they need, and empowering them with the will to use those tools far and wide,"

The theme of this year's Rotary Day at the United Nations, "Responsible Business, Resilient Societies," emphasizes Rotary's role as a global network of business leaders using the tools of their trades to build stronger, more prosperous communities.


This year in Atlanta,

at the Convention, RAGM Director Marilyn Fitzgerald is coordinating our feature Seminar. It is designed to broaden and deepen our understanding of domestic microfinace. Marilyn has arranged for a panel of five speakers: (D-6400) Detroit, Mi. Larry Wright; (D-7710) Raleigh, N.C. Matthew Kane; (D-7750) Greenville S.C. Terry Weaver; (D-6900) Atlanta, GA. Mark Newman; (D-5240) Simi Valley, CA. Nick Frankle. In the 2017 billing for the RAGM Seminar it reads:

Description of Session:

  Inspire attendees to "Launch" microfinance projects in their own cities with sustainable economic community development and provide a road map on how this can happen using four pillars - Networking, Mentoring, Education and Loan Capital.


interested in Microfinance and Community Development in a developed country will want to review the launch of a new website called LaunchMyCity. Several statements from the site give a glimpse of what's to be found there:

Ready To Be A Catalyst For Your Community?

The Challenge

In many communities in the United States and across the world, no one is equipping minority and low-income entrepreneurs with the training and resources necessary to be successful. We've got the blueprint you need to successfully transport this program to your city. LaunchMyCity strives to develop successful entrepreneurs who have limited access to financial and business resources.


Note: The breakout session and AGM will be held at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Room A403 from 1630-1800 EDT on Tuesday, June 13.  The room will be set up for fifty attendees. 

Note: Please visit us at our booth in Atlanta - #3022 in the House of Friendship.
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