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Rotary Supports Microcredit Forum in Calgary October 2014
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 9-Aug-2014 | Viewed 4821  Comments 0 | Source Barb Briggs

Corporate leaders to gather in Calgary in October 2014 to discuss the role of business in addressing social issues and sustainable development.

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More than 300 business leaders, students and organizations will gather in Calgary for the Soul of the Next Economy Forum on October 3-4, 2014 to discuss the changing role of business in addressing social issues and sustainable development both locally and internationally. Peggie Pelosi, Founder and CEO, ORENDA Connections and author of Corporate Karma will open the forum with a keynote presentation on Corporate Social Responsibility and ways companies can move forward into the next economy by giving back. This will be followed by a panel discussion with business leaders discussing how Calgary businesses are leading the way as good corporate citizens engaging in CSR.

The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is the continuation and expansion of the Calgary Microcredit Conference (CMC), which began in 2009. Founded by the Rotary Action Group for Microcredit (RAGM) and Rotary District 5360 Microfinance Committee, the annual conference aimed to increase awareness of microfinance and its role in addressing poverty and socio-economic development. However, as the microfinance industry changed, so too did the conference.
Rotary's success enables the Forum

In early 2014, CMC joined together with Ambrose University College and The Fig Tree Charitable Foundation to form The Soul of the Next Economy Forum. The new Forum, which runs October 3-4 at Ambrose University College, will bring together leaders and future leaders to network, share best practices and discuss future directions for sustainable domestic and international development, corporate social responsibility and social enterprise.

"The lines between the business, public and charitable sectors continue to blur" says Randy Poon, Forum Co-Chair and head of the Ambrose business program. "Business is no longer simply about profit margins. There is an expectation for business to play a meaningful and active role in addressing social and environmental issues. From the inclusion of corporate social responsibility and community investing in corporate planning, to charity-corporate partnerships and the formation of social enterprises, the business world has responded. This Forum is an opportunity to discuss where we've been and where things are headed."

In addition to the opening keynote and panel discussion on Friday October 3, Wayne Dunn, Founder, CSR Training Institute and Professor of Practice in CSR, McGill University will open the Saturday sessions with a keynote address on social enterprise as a form of corporate social responsibility.

Tickets to the Forum, which includes the Friday keynote presentation and the full Saturday lineup, are $99 and can be purchased online through Eventbrite.


More information on the conference and purchasing tickets can be found at http://www.nexteconomyforum.com/


Media Contacts: Barb Briggs, Marketing & Publicity Coordinator
Soul of the Next Economy Forum  

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