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2013 Nafis Sadik Award for Courage
Category: Population | By RFPD, 11-Sep-2013 | Viewed 3644  Comments 0 | Source Fragile Earth Special Convention Issue
Award Winner Prof. Obiora Ike & CEO Robert Zinser
Monsignor Prof. Obiora Ike presented with Nafis Sadiq Award

At this year's Annual General Meeting in Lisbon, RFPD's members and board decided that Prof. Obiora Ike is the best choice for this year's Nafis Sadiq Award. On the occasion of his visit to Nigeria at the beginning of July, Robert Zinser presented Prof. Ike with the award at one of the selected hospitals of the new Maternal and Child Health Project in Enugu State; see the picture. While presenting the award, Robert Zinser stressed that Prof. Ike helped implementing several RFPD supported family planning projects and also advised the project team while planning the new scaling up Maternal and Child Health Project in Enugu. Prof. Ike advised and supported the German-Austrian project team in the planning process of the project and will continue to accompany it throughout its implementation. Due to Prof. Ike's good contacts to the head of parliament and the new minister of health in Enugu State, the project team was able to engage in conversations with them. All dignitaries expressed their strong interest to support the Rotary project and to incorporate the system of quality assurance into the state health system. Prof. Ike and his tireless effort and drive to help people surely are an invaluable enrichment for RFPD.

For more information please visit www.obioraike.com
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