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Costa Rican Rotarians visit High River
Category: News | By Editor, 9-Nov-2012 | Viewed 3932  Comments 0
Costa Rican Rotarians visit High River Alberta
A stir is the best way to describe the impact of a visiting Rotary Past District Governor. In this case, PDG Fabio Carballo and his partner Dr. Melania Pacheco visited on a southern Alberta multi-city tour. They were hosted first in Calgary by PDG Steve & Marie Rickard, then by Rotary Club President Wally Gardiner in High River, ending up in the home of Pat Killoran, the incoming District Governor, in Lethbridge. Why a stir?

Well as one of the founding fathers of Rotary microcredit in Central America Fabio who, harkens from San Jose, Costa Rica, helped forge the now standard Rotary policy of deploying the resources of a Micro Financial Institution to administer microcredit programs. This somewhat controversial policy is designed to avoid the high burn out rate experienced by Rotary clubs attempting to create microcredit banks from scratch. Rotary clubs were attempting to do it all including, identify the borrowers, supervise the distribution and collection of loans and then deal with the effort required to scale up the organization to become sustainable. In today's microcredit world as in ophthalmology, everyone immediately appreciates the value of an expert.

Latino Fabio is true to his calling as a passionate supporter of Rotary's theme of Service Above Self. He is a sought after public speaker who is generous with his time, a constitutional lawyer by training and an avid sportsman by desire. Visiting Southern Alberta and experiencing the culture, lifestyles and terrain brought him awareness that will equip him to be a better Rotary Microcredit Ambassador. The following article in the High River Times expands on Fabio's thoughts and experiences.

Click here to see the article

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