RAGCED Communications Director
Wally Gardiner

Wally Gardiner is past –President of the Rotary Club of High River, Alberta, Canada and holds degrees in Technical Education and Spanish, as well as several technical certifications  and awards. He is past-CEO of Gardiner Computer Consulting Inc. and has worked extensively in technology related fields, technical education, technical writer, and magazine author, curriculum development specialist, small business development, technical implementation strategist, conference speaker, and technology trainer. He is the former Communications Director for RAGED (Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development), a post he held for many years, and currently the CADRE Coordinator for Community Economic Development for the Rotary Foundation. He has been involved with a number of microfinance and economic development projects over the past years.  As a Cadre member, he has worked primarily in South and Central America, as well as Mexico, Africa and India, reviewing and mentoring projects in a number of Areas of Focus. 

Gardiner, Wally, RAGCED Communications Director

390 Ellis Crecent
High River Alberta Canada
Tel. 4036523794