Advancing Peace with Chocolate

Peace through Chocolate Pic A.jpgAchieving Positive Peace with Chocolate
By Teresa Zorrilla, Rotary Peace Fellow and Rotary Positive Peace Activator
And Ximena Murillo, Rotary Peace Fellow

In the past year, the world has been challenged by unprecedented health and socio-economic development challenges due to COVID-19. Like many regions throughout the world, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region has been devastated by the pandemic, representing a global epicenter since June 2020. During the crisis, LAC region countries have shown their longstanding inequalities, economic weakness, and continued fragilities. According to UNDP /, this region is experiencing the worst economic crisis in a century. All of the progress made in overcoming poverty over the past decade has reversed. The pandemic has tested the resilience of local communities, which were already challenged by extreme poverty, violence, political turmoil, high levels of corruption – this on top of overwhelming events such as earthquakes, wars, and violent conflicts.

The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) defines Positive Peace as the absence of violence and the presence of conditions that help societies realize their full potential. Sustainable peace grows out of soil enriched by justice, education, access to health services, and genuinely distributed economic opportunity. Economic development is especially critical to peacebuilding, and, likewise, peace fosters sustainable economic development and growth. The two are intrinsically interconnected and interdependent, as one is needed for the other to flourish. However, economic development initiatives do not automatically lead to peace; some can inadvertently undermine peace if they fail to exist under the Positive Peace framework or if they are not designed on a peace-conducive basis. This does not happen by accident, it requires intentionality, careful planning, and mutual benefit.

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We are looking for a Rotary Club to be the International Sponsor for this exciting project to be hosted by the Rotary Club Huajuapan de Leon in Mexico. Accordingly, we are seeking Rotary Clubs and Districts to join us! As partners to this project, you will be part of leading a unique economic development initiative that will change lives, build local resilience and advance Positive Peace with Chocolate. For more information, please contact us at

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