Troy and the Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko

John Hewko - 8 Jan 2021.jpgCall to Action - Insights for Rotary - Surviving the Future

Rotary Club of Troy and District 6380 were proud to host Rotary International General Secretary and CEO, John Hewko on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, for an intimate discussion on the future of Rotary in the next few years. John Hewko oversees the operations of both Rotary and the Rotary Foundation and manages a combined operating budget of over $450 million and assets of more than $1 billion. John also manages Rotary’s relationship with strategic partners and governments and leads a staff of almost 800 at Rotary’s world headquarters in Evanston, Illinois and in 7 offices outside the United States.

Over 1,200 passionate Rotarians signed up to listen to the General Secretary and his suggestions on how clubs can survive for the future.

Think of the the value of Rotary as a product that continuously needs to be changed and adjusted to changing member needs.

Consider 6 Call to Action navigating through current pandemic conditions:

Rotaracts - get them more involved, invite them to club events
Member retention/engagement - think about adjusting meeting times, network events, more service. Reach out to members who may have "disappeared" during the current online environment.
Innovation - New ways of doing projects, different club models
Unleash your creativity with Fundraising - Stretch the limits on your creativity in coming up with new ideas to raise funds
Connectivity - Continue to be connected to each other, clubs, district, Fellowships. Reach out to struggling clubs who are not meeting during the pandemic

The current situation is an opportunity to re-evaluate and reposition our value proposition.

The video recording of John Hewko's full talk can be accessed:

Full Presentation by John Hewko

Submitted by:

Roma Murthy, 
D6380 Membership Lead,
Troy Rotary Club Membership Lead


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