What are Rotary Action Groups and What is RAGCED

Rotarian Action Group for Community & Economic Development is one of 25 Action Groups

Action Group photo 2.jpgRotary Action Groups are independent, international, Rotary-affiliated groups whose members have expertise and experience in a particular area of specialization. Aligned with Rotary’s priority to increase humanitarian impact, they use their knowledge and passion to help clubs and districts plan and carry out impactful service projects. Each group oversees its own governance, membership, and activities in accordance with RI policies.

Join an Action Group

· Membership is open to any individual. Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Peace Fellows can serve in leadership roles.

· By joining a Rotary Action Group, you can use your professional skills to advise on meaningful service activities outside your own club, district, or country.

· Rotary Action Groups provide networking opportunities with likeminded individuals from around the world.

Partner with an Action Group 

Rotary Action Groups regularly collaborate with clubs and districts on service projects in their area of specialty. Contact a group to:

· Tap into the technical expertise of their members for planning and implementing a community, service, or global grant-funded project.

· Connect with potential project partners, both within and outside of Rotary. 

· Receive help fundraising for projects.

· Customize a group’s signature project framework to implement locally.

· Enhance your clubs’ or district’s impact and strengthen

· Invite local members of Action Groups to join your District’s Resource Network.
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Utilize your passion for Rotary Projects

Do you have expertise and a passion to serve in a particular area? Visit the website of the relevant Rotary Action Group to learn more and to join.

Examples of Rotary Action Groups - In Action

· The Rotary Action Group for Reproductive, Maternal Child Health works with clubs in Germany, Austria, and Nigeria to reduce mortality rates among mothers and newborns at hospitals in rural Nigeria.

· Rotary Action Group for Family Health & AIDS Prevention sponsors an annual event to provide preventive health care services, including HIV testing and counseling, to thousands of people in hundreds of sites across Africa and beyond.

· The Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development connects clubs and districts with microfinance institutions to help poor people establish income-generating activities.

 Find Action Group URL addresses and further reference materials at:
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Read about Action Groups

Find much more about the 25 Action Groups and related resources at:

Rotary International Information on Action Groups

Rotary International Information on Action Groups


Email: actiongroups@rotary.org

RAGCED Mission
The mission of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) is to be a source of knowledge and expertise that helps Rotarians plan, implement, and manage impactful and sustainable economic development projects and create lasting change in poor and underserved communities

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