Technical Cadre hears TRF project priorities

Community Economic Development Guidelines 

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In a presentation to technical Cadre members Bonaventure Fandohan, Manager of the Community and Economic Development Area of Focus provided insights into the type of CED grants which have been given out by the Rotary Foundation (2014 – 2019) and where the money was being received. In his preamble Bonaventure sets out the challenges being faced in 2020 by Rotarians, what typical Rotarians are doing to help in these turbulent times plus several guiding principles.

Challenges in designing and implementing CED grants are:

 ·       They are Human Capital oriented where the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population are of prime importance especially in terms of their value to an organization or country.

·       They are development projects which requires more scrutiny - esp. community assessment

·       One size cannot fit all – prior or similar projects provide only guidelines

·       Infrastructure /equipment needs to be contextualized – results aligned with resources

·       Cost/Benefit analysis and sustainability important


 ·       Most Clubs in the world are helping their communities manage hunger (local foodbank organization, small local distribution through district grants and community Services)

·       Other Rotarians are organizing their clubs and districts for larger and impactful global grants (India, Brazil)

·       Other Rotarians are organizing fundraising activities for their club, district, and Rotary Foundation


Opportunities for CED Projects:

·       Put the human at the center of his/her own development

·       Have a more holistic approach to poverty (promote livelihoods and protect against external shocks)


On what is the Foundation’s money being spent?

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Where is the Foundation’s CED money being distributed?








Rotarians wanting to find the most often funded program (Training), in the most often funded place (Americas)  could plan to mimic successful projects for increased likilhood of Global Grant approval and successful completion.

Bonaventure's PowerPoint Presentation  click here

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