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Hondurans Need Our Help

Hurricane - Child with Dog in a Basin.jpgHonduras has been ravaged by two major hurricanes: Eta (Category 4) and Iota (Category 5). Buildings have been destroyed, bridges washed-away and infrastructures obliterated. Many people have been left homeless or are simply missing. There are essentially no social services available to people in Honduras, a country that has already been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The thirty-three Rotary Clubs in Honduras are People of Action and have united to bring relief for victims of Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota.  They have created the Rotary  Honduras Hurricane Relief Fund.  Your donation will help feed the hundreds of thousands who are now homeless, help clothe families who now only have the clothes on their back, and rebuild communities and help restore local economies.

Hondurans need the world’s help for those affected by this disaster. Financial donations are urgently needed so that we can get to work and help Honduras and its people get back on their feet and recover.

Because the Hurricane Relief Fund is sponsored by Rotarians spread across the nation you can be assured that your donation will get to the most needy and devastated areas. 

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Donation information: The Make it Count Foundationhurricane - Ask for Donations InfoB.jpg


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