Finding Money and Partners for Projects

Looking for a Grant Partner? Grant Funding? A Project to Support?

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You could ask your friends or Rotarians you know both locally and globally to help you! You could reach out to non-governmental organizations that align with your interest! Or you could use a Rotary-sponsored project outreach tool. This article describes two different tools that help you reach out to Rotarians just like you who are creating projects that will make a positive impact on the world.

First, describe your project and your needs. Create a description that inspires but does not overwhelm:

• Write as if you are talking to a friend or colleague; avoid corporate jargon and highly technical terms and condense to one page.
• Break large blocks of text into shorter paragraphs of one or two sentences
• Use section heads to make it easy to scan for the most important information.
• Use bullet points for lists
• Reread the description -- or better yet, have someone else read it -- for spelling and grammar errors

Define the project's goals and needs. Set clear goals and identify the resources needed to achieve them. Use short, well-written text that is organized into sections preferably with bullet points so as to help supporters easily see what you are trying to achieve.

Include a picture. Make sure to include one with the project description to show potential donors what you want to do or, better yet, who will benefit.

Take advantage of social media. Include a link to project campaign on your club's Facebook and Twitter pages. Share updates, including funds raised and support still needed. Add links to clubs' websites, newsletters, and email addresses.

Then look for interclub support through available databases.

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1. Rotary Global Grants

Matching Grants is a website managed by PDG Phillipe Lamoise, District 5240, California, USA. As its name implies, the website has been active for many years and has helped fund thousands of projects. Today, supports Global Grants and District Grants. As of this writing, there are currently seventy-three projects with a value of $US 7.5 million listed on the website.

Using this website is easy. Create an account and select the link to Submit A New Project. Enter the project information. Check the box that confirms the project meets the requirements established by The Rotary Foundation and Save. You will be assigned a project number that you can use to publicize your project. This will let other Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts pledge support for your project. Be sure to send a thank you to everyone who supports your project.

There are complete instructions on the use of the website and the ability to ask a specific question if needed.

2.  Great Grants Partners group on WhatsApp

Whatsapp QR logo.jpgGreat Grants Partners was created by PDG Shab El Awar, District 5300, California, USA. PDG Shab has been forming global grant partnerships for many years and was looking for a means to enable Rotarians to communicate effectively with each other in their search for partners, projects, and funding. Shab started, on the social media platform WhatsApp, the group called Great Grants Partners to connect Rotarians more directly. GGP helps partners with grants that have challenges finding money and partners.

Over 250 global grants have been assisted by GGP at which clubs and districts are connected and doing grants on a regular basis. Shab estimates that Rotarians in the Great Grants Partners group have partnered in grants valued more than 5 million dollars US. In addition, Great Grants Partners exchange information about seminars and activities that might be of interest. In our global communications age, partners can join throughout the Rotary world.

A project fair on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM Pacific time, is hosted by GGP that can be joined by clubs and districts. The project fair regularly features a project of interest. Great Grants Partners uses as one of its communication methods as well as hosting an online spreadsheet of active projects.

If you have a WhatsApp account, look for Great Grants Partners and ask to join the group. You will be able to share a great deal of information on global grants and Rotary events. You will also be able to make new Rotary friends around the world.

Contributing author - RAGCED President Nick Frankle



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