Puerto Cortes Small Business Loans in Action

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By Tony Medina, Rotary Club of Puerto Cortes. D4250

The efforts and goodwill of the Rotarians from Canada and Honduras have made it possible to get a sixth Global Grant for economic development for micro enterprises in Honduras. The communities of Puerto Cortés, Omoa and Choloma are now receiving the benefit of this money from both The Rotary Foundation and our Rotary partners.

A good partnership makes all the difference. IDH and Opportunity International have been key in the development of this project. The new IDH agency in Puerto Cortés was opened to support this very project. In a short period of time, they have been able to support many micro enterprises.

The Rotary Club of Puerto Cortés has invited the IDH manager to become a member of their club, and this has allowed them to work more closely in providing service to the community.

IDH MICROFINANCIERA has disbursed in this year about $250,000 USD (Lps. 6,315,000.00) benefiting 112 microentrepreneurs from Peurto Cortes making the loan program very positive in all areas such as:

1) COMMERCE (convenience stores, sale of merchandise and clothing, sale of food),

2) TRANSPORTATION SERVICE (taxi, motorcycle taxi, buses and heavy transport)

3) TOURISM (restaurants, recreation centers and fishing excursions

In addition to the service of providing microloans, IDH and the Rotary Club of Puerto Cortés have been working to provide for the needs of the community by providing food bags and backpacks, including school kits, to the children of the school in Tulian Campo, Omoa Cortes.

Here are some of the cases of the benefit the Microfinance is bringing to Puerto Cortés, Omoa and Choloma:COVID - IDH distributes supplies  - photo4.png

NAME: Edwin Julian Serrano Portillo. AGE: 33 years old. ADDRESS: Barrio el Porvenir in front of the school, Pto. Cortes. TYPE OF BUSINESS: Barber shop. Marital status Married.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Edwin Serrano has been in the barber service for 15 years, he is married and has no children, he has lived in the community for more than 30 years, he has his own house. IDH disbursement of a loan of Lps. 15,000.00 ($600.00).

COMMENT: “I use it to invest in the barbershop, purchase of cutting machines and more equipment for it”, the business its located next to the house and he is very grateful to IDH and Rotary for the support he received when He needed the most.


NAME: Maritza Mejia Perez. 

AGE: 48 years old. 

ADDRESS: Campo Verde neighborhood, Omoa Cortes.

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Sale of shoes and merchandise in general.


GENERAL INFORMATION: Doña Maritza Mejia has been selling shoes and merchandise in general for 2 years, she lives alone, had children but they are already married, she has more than 10 years of living in the community, she has her own house.

COMMENT:  IDH disbursement of a loan of Lps. 51,000.00 ($2,040.00) was used to invest in the business and was able to fix her own store. The business is located in the commercial area of the community. She feels very grateful for the trust that IDH placed in her and thus she was able to fulfill her wish to own her new store.


NAME: Lesli Janeth Guzman Velasquez.

AGE: 52 years old.

ADDRESS: Barrio Medina sector las Carolinas, Pto. Cortes.

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Pulperia (slang for small convenience store) and sewing shop.


COMMENT: Ms. Lesli Guzman has had a pulperia for 7 years, she lives without a maritial partner and with her two children. At night she does sewing work. She has lived for more than 40 years in the community, where she owns her own house. IDH has made two loan disbursements, the first of $480.00 (Lps. 12,000.00) and a second of $800 (Lps. 20,000.00), both loans were used to invest in her businesses. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Lesli Guzman suffered polio at 3 years of age, but this impediment has not stopped her from fighting for a better life for her children to whom she has given a very good education.

It is needless to say this project has been successful! The Rotarians of Puerto Cortés and the IDH team are proud of the work done so far and we expect to do more together for the benefit of the community. If you wish to contact the Rotarians of Puerto Cortés, please write to: tonymedinatts1@me.com

Rotary Club Puerto Cortes

Posted by Kevin Rene Manzanares

Puerto Cortés, October 27, 2020.Rotarians Involved with COVID Distribution Photo1.png

Thanks to the support of Sercargo Express, the Puerto Cortés Rotary Club brought to the Milia 3 sector, the amount of 50 food boxes to be distributed in said sector.


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