Moving Forward in Rotary Year 2020-21

Rotary Logo Opening Doors.jpgPresident Nick's 2020 - 21 Kick-Off message

This month we start a new chapter in our commitment to help Rotarians who are Creating Opportunity by Investing in Communities.  We are now the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development with an expanded scope, reach and support structure. 

Lady with Berries Picture.jpgNeeds reach beyond our historic focus on Microfinance as we look at communities locally, nationally & globally. These needs for assistance include entrepreneurial support plus business restructuring and adaptation to new norms (including virtual interaction) - as businesses and new entrepreneurs adjust to the impact of the  coronavirus pandemic.  We also see opportunities to help communities sustain their environment and  to prepare for future disasters.  In taking this approach, we align our RAGCED Action Group with The Rotary Foundation's Area of Focus - Community Economic Development.


The mission of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development is defined as being a source of knowledge and expertise that helps Rotarians plan, implement, and manage impactful and sustainable economic development projects and create lasting change in poor and underserved communities.

Moving forward, all the support and services provided in the past will be available.  Our goal as we move forward this Rotary Year is to reach out to Rotarians and Rotary Clubs that need our support and provide them with training and resources to expand their services to their local communities.  Moving forward means you will begin to see:

•  Best Practices – Contained in our Social Media, Website & Webinars with  topics of interest that expand the knowledge base of our members
•  Discussion groups - Talking amongst Rotarians interested in specific elements of Community Economic Development
•  Service Providers - A team of Project Partners who can serve as advisors to your Community Economic Development project
•  Improved Communications - More direct ways to contact the people who are best prepared to help you solve your Community Economic Development challenges
•  Leadership  - Enabling those with passion & knowledge about improving communities to become engaged in the Action Group global support structure.
•  Business Modeling - A financing approach that enables the Action Group to maximize its support to Rotarians and Rotary Clubs around the world.

Two Ladies with Cloth for Sale Picture.jpgYour help is needed to achieve these goals as over time these changes take place.  If you have a successful Community Economic Development project - share it.  If you have a skill in creating, implementing, funding, and evaluating projects – become a Project Partner.   If you have a challenge that is keeping you from creating sustainable projects – ask for help.  If you can serve in a local, regional, or international leadership role – volunteer.  If you see unmet community needs – ask your friends to join you and become members of the Action Group.

The role of Rotarians as business leaders has never been greater.  During this Rotary Year, communities will be rebuilding their economic infrastructure. Communities so engaged in rebuilding and reopening will need your knowledge; your experience; your skills; and your passion.  The members of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development will provide support that you need to plan, implement and support successful, sustainable projects.

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You are our greatest asset as the members and supporters of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development when preparing for unprecedented challenges in the days ahead.  I look forward to working with each of you as:

 Together We Create Opportunity By Investing In Communities.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Nick Frankle, Chair RAGCED 2019 - 2021
Cell: +1 (805) 402-6303


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