The New RAGCED Services to Members

President Nick, in his second year of office revealed to the attendees at the Annual RAGM Meeting the reasons for the change in RAGM logo, mandate and list of services to members. The new focus on Community Economic Development embraces Micro Finance and more. 

Beginning July 1, 2020, our organization has again evolved. We are now The Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED). A key reason for the change of name and the expansion of the services and projects supported by our Rotary Action Group was to align with The Rotary Foundation Area of Focus. However, as we look to the future, we want to ensure that Rotarians have an Action Group that can provide a broad range of support services.  Community Economic Development projects may require microfinance. They may also include other forms of entrepreneur support, training and skills development, environmental impact. and disaster preparedness. Read more: RAGM to RAGCED Transition Details

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RAGCED Overview

Investing in Communities Takes Many Forms

• Building the capacity of local entrepreneurs and social businesses through education, microcredit, mentoring and networking
• Empowering local community leaders, organizations, and networks to support economic development
• Developing opportunities for rewarding work and access to sustainable livelihoods

• Empowering marginalized communities by providing access to economic opportunities and services such as education, mentorship, and business training.
• Addressing gender or class disparities that prevent access to rewarding work and to markets and financial services

• Increasing access to renewable energy and energy efficiencymeasures to create sustainable and economically resilient communities
• Empowering communities to develop practical environmental and conservation skills for economic gain through lessons learned and best practices

• Strengthening communities' ability to respond to environmental and climate-related hazards and natural disasters
• Developing and supporting community-based emergency preparedness services to improve economic resilience

 See the full document here: RAGCED Introduction and Explanation

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