Writing a RAGCED Blog Article

Good Foundations.jpgDo you have a community development project that could benefit from free promotion?  If so, why not place your article here for a strong foundation to your work? There are several thousand subscribers to this site who over time, search out and read many articles on RAGM projects.  Some articles have been viewed thousands of times indicating the extent of the site's reach and the importance of good content. Guest writers have posted over 300 articles.

RAGM identifies it's mandate as four fold: Coordination, Communication, Networking and Education. Using the search box and discrete topics such as a country or a project type (microfinance, savings groups, etc.) you can find articles of interest and contact names from which you can follow up.

Typical articles are less than 1,500 words in length, contain one or more graphic image /  photograph and address a single point of interest.

Contact information, usually at article's end, helps direct enquiries first to the article's authors and then to the webmaster and finally the RAGM Communiations Direvtor.

Editor's note: Several articles have been paraphrased to capture the most relevant RAGM elements and can be found by clicking on:

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