New Rules for Action Groups


In January 2020, the RI Board made several revisions to the policies for Action Groups and FellowshipsJim Louttit 1.jpg

We are in unprecedented times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and I trust all of you are taking the necessary precautions for the safety and well-being of not only yourselves and your families but also your communities.  When you read Rotary’s website My Rotary, you will notice how Rotary is positively responding to the impact of this crisis.  As People of Action, I encourage you to follow how Rotarians are reaching out to communities offering their assistance for those in need.  Also, I would ask that you create your own innovative ideas to provide support where needed. 

Revisions announced: In January 2020, the RI Board revised two main policies for Action Groups and Fellowships. 

The revisions are:

1) Name change from “Rotarian Action Group” to “Rotary Action Group”

  Some examples provided by the RI Board of “on brand” and “off brand” names are:

RAGM Branding examples.jpg



That said, our Action Group will now be known as the “Rotary Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development”.


2) Membership and Leadership criteria change to reflect openness to all interested participants:

     a)    Any interested individual may participate in Action Groups.

    b)    Membership may also be offered to Rotaract Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Districts on an annual basis at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Action Groups.

    c)    Rotaractors and Peace Fellows are eligible to serve as Board Members or Officers in an Action Group in addition to existing Rotarians.

All the changes to the existing policy can be reviewed in Article 42.030. of the Rotary Code of Polices.

The revision in membership criteria creates a great opportunity to broaden our membership base globally.  I would encourage you to promote membership in our Action Group with your family, friends and acquaintances who wish to become directly involved with community economic development.  Membership information is provided on the RAGM website at Become a RAGM Member

Why these changes?  The RI Board wishes to support Rotary’s strategic goal to enhance participants engagement by growing and diversifying activities in Rotary and to broaden Rotary’s reach and appeal.  In order to increase Rotary’s reach and appeal, it was decided to allow any individual who would like to experience Rotary to join Rotary’s Action Groups as this better aligns with Rotary’s action plan emphasizing a participant-centered approach rather than limiting our programs and offerings.

The membership revisions also allow for Rotaractors and Peace Fellows to serve in Action Group leadership roles.  Action Groups may also reach out to Rotaract Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Districts offering annual memberships.  These membership changes also pertain to Rotary Fellowships.

These changes came about as one of RI’s committees called the Networking and Service Groups Committee (senior Rotary Leaders) discussed various strategies and objectives for positioning Rotary Action Groups and Rotary Fellowships.  Part of their discussion addressed the suggestions and recommendations provided by the various Action Group Leaders which I had compiled in October 2019 as Chair of the Rotary Action Group Chairs Council.  In January 2020, the Networking and Service Groups Committee presented a list of finalized recommendations to the RI Board when the two main policy revisions related to Action Group naming convention and membership criteria were approved.

The Rotary Action Group Chairs Council is a committee consisting of all Chairs/Presidents of the current twenty-five Action Groups and led by a Chair and a Vice-Chair.

Jim Louttit,
Past President RAGM
Chair, Rotary Action Group Chairs Council